About me.

Pete BlythI always wanted to be a writer.  I wrote my first book when I was eight years old.  It was ten pages long, had a hand drawn cover and the plot was heavily plagiarised from Watership Down.  Surprisingly it wasn’t a massive success.

Fast forward  thirty seven years and I’ve now fulfilled the dream. I am the author of two series.   The Westmen Books and the Dusty Miller series.  I also help other authors take their firs steps on the author journey.  If that’s you check out the blog for writers on the menu above, and look out for my forth coming book “Write your first novel without breaking the bank”

If you’d rather read than write check out the blog for readers, and the my books page. The Westmen books, of which Rapax is the first, are set in a future Britain 70 years after a viral apocalypse, where different factions of the survivors are fighting over what remains.  Its inspiration came from a wondering what the early British wars between Saxon, Dane and Celt would have been like if fought with modern weaponry.  If you imagine a mixture of Bernard Cornwell and Harold Coyle you wouldn’t be far wrong. Rapax is available now.

The Dusty Miller series ( Honest Intent,  Darkest Storm) is set in our world, slightly into the future, and is more straightforward action adventure thriller.  If Jack Reacher were a British gun for hire he would be in the ballpark.  These books were inspired by reading Lee Child, Matt Hilton, Clive Cussler etc, although Dusty is a more morally ambiguous character.  He knows right from wrong, but his right isn’t necessarily that of society at large. He’s a good friend but a bad enemy, and a good companion for reading into the small hours.

You can download Honest Intent free by joining my mailing list,  Click on “get my free book” in the menu at the top of the page.  Darkest  Storm will be out in August 2018.

I agree with Dusty when (in Honest intent) he says “…years since Kipling wrote [Tommy], and fuck all had changed. it was a disgrace.” So 5% of the cover price of each Dusty Miller book (which is about 10% of my net profit on them) will be donated to Help for Heroes to help our sick, injured, or wounded veterans get the help and care they deserve.

To keep up to date with my ongoing projects please join my mailing list or keep an eye on the website.

If you’d like to connect you can email me  pete@peteblythwriter.co.uk ,  tweet me @peteblythwriter or use the form on the contact page.



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