My Goals for 2018. First quarter’s progress

Author journey goalsAt the start of this year, inspired by Joanna Penn and Jenna Moreci I decided to set my goals in public and give quarterly updates in order to keep accountability.

I started writing seriously (this time) in August 2016, so 2018 is basically my 2nd year on the author journey since deciding to become an Indy. Also to be clear for those that don’t know I am not a full time writer. I work a day job (as a Council beach manager), and unusually for a creative entrepreneur I don’t intend to go full time. I like my job, but it doesn’t pay well, so my intention is that my writing will remain a side hustle, meaning that I will not be dependent on one stream of income. I am just starting out on this journey so I’m currently making both halves of jack shit, but the long term income goal is to make mid to high five figures from my writing.

Also inspired by J K Rowling I have also committed to give 5% of the cover price of my Dusty Miller series (that’s about 10% of my net profit) to Help for Heroes. Dusty has some strong views on the rubbish treatment UK veterans receive from society at large (vis book 1 Honest Intent where he says that it disgusts him that little or nothing has changed since Rudyard Kipling wrote ‘Tommy’ … e.g “It’s Tommy this, and Tommy that, and chuck him out the brute, but it’s ‘ero of his country, when the guns begin to shoot” ) so I decided that it would be hypocritical not to put my eventual money where my mouth is.

Of course this is an easy pledge to make when 5% of jack shit is basically 100% of fuck all, but I am publicly committing that I shall still stand by this even if the day comes that the Dusty series takes a million… in which dubious case I would be giving H4H Fifty Large.

Anyway – on to specific goals and progress on them

I said that I would complete Westmen #1 Rapax and publish it wide (see blog 1 for the whole wide vs focussed debate) – Complete. Rapax is out there and beginning to sell

I said that I would complete Dusty #1 Honest intent and publish it wide, as well as making it the giveaway for my mailing list – Complete its out there with some downloads . As its a Dusty book i’m asking anyone who gets it free to consider a donation to H4H

I said I would set up my Author website, mailing list etc, and blog regularly – Complete, as you know if you are reading this.

I said that I would finish Dusty #2 Darkest Storm and publish it – In progress Darkest Storm is currently with Beta Readers. This has a planned release date of 31 August 2018

I said that I would finish Dusty #3 Cold Fury and publish it – In progress I’ve written about 10k words of Cold fury so far. I was finding it hard going so parked it while I did a different project

I said that I would write a non fiction book on how to write your first novel without breaking the bank. – In progress I have written about 15k words so far. However it wasnt especially interesting so I am parking this for some thinking time.

Although it wasn’t originally on my Goal list (men plan, the gods laugh) I am writing an Alien Apocalypse type book with the working title Pulse. 31K words thus far. I aim to complete and publish it this year.

Goals I haven’t yet started on include

Dusty #4 Midnight Rising

Westmen #2 Wildfire

Westmen #0 Tigris (Novella to be a perma free give away)

To start Gladiators – the first in a WW2 RAF series following flight officer Lucky Lawson, with the aim of publishing it for the Battle of Britain anniversary in 2019. I am looking at giving a percentage of the take on this series planned to be four books ( the others to be Lysander, Typhoon, and Mustang … yeah they are all named after planes) to the RAF Benevolent fund, but I am not going to make that a firm commitment until I’m further into the writing.

I hope that’s interesting/ inspirational. Any questions or comments drop me a line or post them below.

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